UFO Sighting in Bristol, Tennessee on 2017-08-29 00:00:00 – Rumble roar, egg shaped pulsating,light with white lights shooting off under, then behind tow red light

Was outside on my deck smoking around 10pm. i hear a low roar/rumble, look up and there is a oval,white pulsating ball with towing a smaller red light from under but a length behind. white, straight, lightening bolts started,coming out of its side then disappeared. as it passes over me, the back almost looks like a cartoonist round black widow spider with 2 glowing oval red eyes, and could see black outline of something under, shaped oblong kinda. i started taking video at fiurst, my phone camera caught some, but as it was over me i paused video tossed my phn on the deck. i wanted to see and my camera wasn’t doing it any justice. it passes over the mountain ridge from ne-e to nw-w it went out of my vision. didnt see it again, but thought i heard it half hour to hour later.

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