UFO Sighting in Denver, Colorado on 2017-08-29 14:50:00 – I was driving and saw multiple ( 20) spinning rectangle metallic silver objects in sky- i pulled over and watched it 5 mins.-then all disappeared

I was driving to work going east and suddenly to my left (north) there were spinning silver metallic rectangles ,about 20,in the sky , they would look like they were reflecting the sun very brightly sometimes.
i decided to pull over into a parking lot, and got out of my car to observe them. they were all in different places in the sky and made no discernable pattern amongest themselves- they ranged in height, the lowest ones were at the treetops and the highest was higher then a single engine plane flying low would fly.They kept spinning constantly, sometimes reflecting light as thet spun around. some of them would stop spinning and then flutter down like 5 feet- then they would spin again. at about 4 minutes of my watching a few of the rectangles, had three squares on them-dark silver color-going down the center. then in about 30 seconds they all disappeared, i stood there for another minute- but then nothing so i left because i had to get to work.

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