UFO Sighting in Hernando, Mississippi on 2017-08-27 20:26:00 – Traveling on i55 north bound in hernando ms

I was traveling on i55 north bound on my way to work. in memphis. i first noticed the lights in the sky about half a mile up ahead on the east side of the interstate. as i got closer the lights just stayed there and did not move. it seemed as if the lights where attached
to an object that was stationary and not moving. they where about 100 ft above tree top level. i took my phone out once i got closer and shot a quick video. but once i passed it i could not video anymore. if you watch the video and slow it down, after the lights disappear behind the trees on the side of the interstate, you can see what appears to be the same lights fly over my car. after that i did not see anything els. i drive that way to work every night. i drove that way tonight and the lights where not there. nothing was there. it’s just woods in that area. the exact location that i saw it was about 1/8 of a mile south of the rest area there. those are the street lights you are seeing at the very end of the video that i am passing.

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