UFO Sighting in Lewisville Lake, Texas on 2013-06-30 00:00:00 – A blue rectangle hovering in the sky, over the lake!

I was driving south on the highway about to cross over lake lewisville, when i noticed a long blue lit up rectangle in the sky. it was almost midnight so it was dark and this thing was pretty obvious. it wasn’t moving in any direction, or blinking like a plane. it wasn’t growing bigger or smaller as if coming closer or further away…. yet. it just sat there in the same spot, same size for a good 2-3 minutes that i noticed. i was heading towards it. this is hard to describe! the rectangle now looked like it was turning around. so to me it was shrinking inward > < and so now it's facing sideways so all i saw was a bright blue dot of light. it looked like a really thick star, different color. now i'm waiting for it to finish turning around so i can see this thick dot grow outward into a long rectangle again but instead, this light starts to dim away as if it's getting further and further until it was gone! i hope you kind of understand what i'm saying lol. it was just the weirdest thing! i was a lone on a stretch of road so i was able to watch this happen in amazement.

my feelings, well i knew this wasn't normal! i woke up a friend in the car to witness this with me, we were both amazed and shocked and confused! a really neat experience that i'm glad i got to witness and hope to see something weird again!

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