UFO Landing in Brookfield-Youngstown, Ohio on 1980-06-11 18:20:00 – Observed large metallic disc on ground in farm field approx 500 from two lane road as gf and i drove into youngstown

saw large (50yds wide) silver metallic disc on ground in farm field (wheat?) 500-1000 yards from road as myself and a female companion in car drove toward youngstown for a meeting. my female companion pointed to it in alarm. it must have landed before we saw it. she was driving. she slowed the car in the road. i had immediate urge to run toward the disc. it was uniform in shape with an edge running along its middle. it reflectied light and had no windows or markings or anything protruding from it. almond shaped. totally smooth. most beautiful thing i have ever seen. i told her i wanted her to stop the car. i felt odd sensation of being in thought with something inside. i was amazed. i immedistely wanted to rush to it to say hello. something inside the object communicated with me mentally. the thought i perceived was “you may come but you will never return. you must be certain. this will be a life changing event for you.”. there was an objective finality to the thought that shook me out of communion with it and let me think for myself again. my companion reacted something to effect of
“we are getting out of here. you’re not missing your meeting.”
she sped up and drove away. it never moved while we were there.
i was sad but knew she made the right choice. on my own, i could not have left.
the attraction to the object was too intense for me to have left it behind on my own.
we made the meeting on time and never discussed the incident again. i have shared this experience with family but did not feel comfortable going public. i now realize i have an obligation to share this with your organization in the interest of scientific understanding of the phenomena. any further details must be confidential.

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