UFO Sighting in Santee, California on 2017-07-14 22:15:00 – Very large w or m shaped craft

I got home late after getting off of work and looked up at the sky after getting out of the car. i always look up at the sky, i’ve loved astronomy since i was little. i saw a very large m or w shaped craft, depending on how you looked at it. there were no lights and there was no sound. if i didn’t happen to look up when i did i would never have know it was there. it was a dark grey craft against the dark almost black night sky. it moved from a west to north/northeast direction in a slow and smooth manner. unhurried, not erratic at all. i didn’t have any intense feelings one way or the other about the craft. i remember thinking ‘ha! i knew there were visiting crafts in the area!’ i lost it when it went over a tree. i wasn’t ale to find it again because the craft and the sky were so dark. we live on the edge of the city near a small air field on one side and a military area in the hills/mountains on the other. there is constantly craft in the area and this was definitely a new one. as soon as i saw it i knew it wasn’t one of the “normal” crafts in the area.

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