UFO Sighting in Flemington, New Jersey on 2017-09-01 02:44:00 – Moving south to north est 9000ft moving silent est 900mph in presence of nine other stationary craft

For months each night craft park above property. they arrive starting around local 9pm-11pm. average night tonight. four below cloud level 8-10thousand feet well lit with white/red lights on some blue on some and 9 count stationary ships with bright white lights two with blue lights top and red bottom. at least three spotted hiding in edge or within light cloud lever with no lights but visible shape easy to see having chinese vertical form. do see at times indian ships setting horizontal- not often. this is number two ship i spotted moving.First one saw arriving, stop and park– signaled the ship in code-“welcome”- got answer of two blinks bright top of ship white light and then after two seconds white light started to rotate at 2 second rotation and ship started to move position at same 5000’height moved from nw position my sight spot– moved very slowly,{est70mph] se six rotation of white lights to a position behind a cloud and parked and turned off white light but thin cloud layer could still see very faint blue light on bottom of ship. tonight ship was moving est 900mph from south position {est 9000′}to north direction of silent flight. ship a large vertical ship with a wide band of white light spinning in middle of ship and definitely flying on defined direction and specific altitude and was in clear sky for 30 seconds [min} then passed over lower clouds and into higher clouds and upon entering, lights light up the cloud layer then lost sight one second later. i am sending this report only to let you record this movement for others north of my position might see this ship and hope i have the time precise. fyi i have had from one to as counted 28 ships parked over head almost nightly. they park here until they can program their computers to catch a sling shot energy wave that arrives sometime around 04 to 05am and then they blink out lights and are gone. most are all vertical chinese with some having three light levels between their bottom ship light to top ship light. then i do see once or twice a month two huge freighter type vertical ships that come to about the same sky area and always about 10-12 thousand feet and they are light up so bright they look like loading dock lights and they park about five miles {est} apart and at the same altitude. ex atp a&p and have witnessed large ships in daylight while flying that ground radar always reported-“nothing showing in your area”–but i have a ship as big across as a football field and about 400 yards if front of me and nothing electronic working on flight deck and compass spinning about 4 rotation a second. ship there about 45seconds to 2 minutes then shots straight up at not possible to estimate speed. three times occurrence while flying over mid florida area. kj

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