UFO Article (Blog): “Dr Michael J Duggin and Jacques Vallee”

By Keith Basterfield, 26 August 2017
(UFOs – scientific research, Campbelltown,
New South Wales, Australia)
Quote from the article:
Duggin writes to Vallee
In a blog post dated 4 January 2017, I reported on the passing on, of Australian Dr Michael J Duggin. Between at least 1966 and 1973, Duggin took an active interest in UAP. Inter alia, I reported upon a meeting between Duggin and Jacques Vallee in the US, in 1966.
Recently, I was fortunate enough to come across copies of a letter from Dr Duggin to Jacques Vallee, in the digital collection of US researcher Dr. Michael Swords. There was also a copy of a response letter to Duggin from one William T Powers, an associate of both Jacques Vallee, and Dr J Allen Hynek. I will image the letters below, and provide a typed copy of their contents.”
Dr. Michael J. Duggin, an Australian scientist, was a member of the original ‘invisible college’ that studied UFOs and a senior scientist with the U.S. Air Force Research Labs at Kirtland Air Force Base.
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Dr. Michael J. Duggin, Australian Scientist
(U.S. Air Force/theozfiles.blogspot.com photo)

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