UFO Sighting in Southern River, Western Australia on 2017-09-03 19:05:00 – Green pulsatiing light in motion from n/e hovered, light changed colour and flash sped twice then flew off at high speed in e direction

Myself and 2 adult witnesses were outside watching a minor fireworks display. the fireworks were 1km away facing south. my friend said check out this green light. we turned anticlockwise away from the fireworks and looked up to see a bright flashing green light. my friend, the first witness who had been watching the light 10 seconds before alerting us, had watched the light travel then stop and hover. when i and the other witness looked up, the bright green light was flashing and stationary. all 3 of us watched this bright light completely for 50seconds. the speed of the flashing green light slowed then changed two a red then white flashing light. the red and white light was a very fast strobe which was very brief. at the same time as the light colour change the light changed direction coming towards us. the light moved towards us about 50meters. the light then paused in motion with the light changing back to the bright green flashing light. the flashing light then started moving in the direction it came from. the speed of the light left at high velocity. the 3rd witness and i walked 2 meters from where we stood so we could track the green light in motion. we watched it move towards hills at an insanely fast past until we could no longer see it (disappeared over the horizon)the first witness says he has never seen anything like it. the 3rd witness described the light as almost ‘jumping’ because while the flashes remained consistent the distance between the flashes was significantly larger. all 3 of us noted that there was no sound coming from that direction at all and that a conventional airplane could not make that tight turn (when it came towards us) before leaving.

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