UFO Sighting in Utica, New York on 2017-09-02 17:22:00 – Strange cloud formation seen from amtrak train

i was enoying a nice ride on the amtrak train, seated on the left side. we left the albany stationthe train was veering to the left and as it did, i noticed beautiful yet ominous cloud formation. trees were obstructing the view while in the turn. after about 30 seconds of anticipation, i saw what looked like a very long funnel, pretty much uniform from top of the sky and stopping at a thunderhead. i slid down in my seat to try to capture the length in my lens. the 2nd pic seemed to have too much sun so for the 3rd i excluded it. the strange display quickly went out of my eyeline behind me to the left. today i showed the pics to a friend and saw many things upon magnification. i don’t want to be leading but i see a possible heli to the left, orbs, at leart 1 craft, a flattened square type portal, the funnel is twisting + … but i’m using a cell and atablet to view these. i took the pics be use i had never seen anything close to this. it can’t be contrails to me because the funnel is 90° and pentrating..Endless at the top, stopping abruptly at the thunderhead. where the funnel reaches the thunderhead, i see an angled flattened square, illuminated. also the exterior of the funnel is… strange and twisted with objects..?
please tell me what u see. no filters on my pics. negative exposure proved to be interesting. i feel a lil crazy but after all the inspection my devices will allow, i feel certain i’ve seen something that was not meant to be seen.

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