Alien Encounter in Denton, Texas on 2014-09-01 23:01:00 – I saw an alien.I was told not to talk about it by a man who adopted my daughter he is a retired colonel of usaf. he adopted my daughter he worked at the pentegon. everyone i have told makes fun of me. people i thought were friends.

I just recently found mufon. what i saw was very real. when this thing noticed me staring at it it started to get upset it moved side to side in a vibrating movement and even moved towards me.The eyes were black and not human.I was awed not scared. i regret not getting out of my car and touching it. the arms were way to thin but the skin looked almost like jelly texture and a peachy pink color and she was very tall. i’m not supposed to talk about this but i don’t care. i just wish everyone could have seen what i did. wish i could see a ufo.I feel fortunate to have seen it and i was hurt when people made fun of me but i don’t care anymore they just don’t know. thanks. i need an artist i can’t draw.

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