UFO Sighting in Corona, California on 2017-09-05 11:00:00 – Stalking a roadrunner stretching scratching laying

Could hear and see us inside of kitchen window had no fear second sighting first time
four were chasing rabbits into our backyard positive i d via photos on internet three
witnesses tried to report to wildlife control told us bears bobcats and mountain lions
only coyote types to numerous to investigate our backyard atop natural hillside
within fiifty miles of cleveland national forest overlooking the 15and91 interchange
also witnessed hybrid wolf documented on t v looked like kangaroo on all fours
with large head triangleshaped low to ground with baseball bat shaped bristletail
we see many forest predators in our yard but the chupacabras and hybrids have us
weirded out cannot control wild cottontail rabbit. infestation several large birds of
prey afraid to approach cars at night the large carnivores hop the fences following
the rabbits no assistance from local law enforcement or animal control the
goat suckers will go for the throats of humans very lethal took a few pictures for
positive i d aka texas blue dog may have several burrows on our hillside i believe
them to be subterranean in origin maybe from inner earth i believe they came
through portals or brought here by e t for the advancement of our science
migrating north an invasive species like snakehead fish aka quartz crystal caves in
latin america hate to poison the rabbits but goat suckers are lethal not pets please
advise you cannot tell what lies in the darkness without lighting a match there are more things in earth and heaven then are dreamthed of in your philosophy boldly we go
where no one has gone before out there lies the truth

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