UFO Sighting in Culver City, California on 2017-09-06 20:31:00 – Teal blue glowing orb that flashed very brightly once

Me at two married friends, adam and kristen (who is a trainer), were doing a bootcamp workout session at tellefson park. we were on the ground when i noticed what i called a “low orbit satellite.” my friend adam observed it with me. his wife saw it but did not watch it long as she was trying to conduct the workout session.

like i said, we were on the ground, and adam and i watched the object, which seemed at first like a star, white sometimes, then light blue, then teal, as the colors seemed to alter. it move in a straight line from west to east, (the same direction as washington pl), it did not change size or shape of luminosity for about a min or two. then as it was approaching the tree line where our vision would be obscured, it got super bright for a moment. adam and i both reacted with awe. it was beautiful. then it seemed to dim, though it may have just gone into the distance. it definitely became faint before disappearing over the tree line.

adam claimed he saw remnants that it left behind, but then he made a comment about wishing he had his glasses, which made me think that maybe he was confusing other stars as “remnants.”

honestly i am somewhat versed on the topic, and i have to admit, this very much reminds me of the cases that i read about in project condign and also harley d. rutledge’s work in “project identification” about the anomalous supernormal light phenomena. i hope that all sincerely helps. i am really curious what i saw.

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