UFO Sighting in Aurora, Colorado on 2017-09-07 20:03:00 – Golden disk shaped light moving back and forth after i asked if it was paranormal

I was cleaning my new used car washing the windows at 8:00 pm. i was rushing to clean them before it got too dark. i was standing in front of my new house in a saburban neiborhood while i was doing this.

i was putting my dirty window rags in this trashbag i had out next to the car on the sidewalk, and i looked up north east of my location to see three regular airplains flying by, but then there was a forth one… the forth one was…Different from the others.

at first i thought this golden glowing object was merely another airplane passing by since i am now living near an airport. but i was wrong.

the object was disk shapped, the golden lights were at the bottom in a disk shaped curve. there was an extra golden orb flashing on the left side of the object. it was slowly moving, slower than the other three plains flying around it at a distance. it was pretty low, around tree top height. i spotted this around a block away across the road going down the neiborhood above one of the houses. it stopped for a moment. i grew curious, now seeing that this was not a normal aircraft on earth. i spoke to it out load, for some reason i felt that this was listening and wathcing me as creepy as it sounds.

“alright b-ch, i see you and i am not afraid. if you are paranormal then prove it!”

all of the sudden, it moved to the left instead of the right! then it moved back the the right and comenced to move side to side at a fast rate.

i was feeling pumped, stimulated and exited. there was no fear in what i was seeing at all. looking at it was familiar for some reason. with exitment i ran inside my house to get my mom since she has also seen ufo’s many times. after i told her (which lasted five seconds) i ran back out before her and it was gone! just disapeared without a trace. it made me sad, i wanted to take a picture but of course i had no camera to do so.

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