Black Triangle Sighting in Henderson, Nevada on 2017-09-06 22:42:00 – I was shooting lightening strikes from henderson, nv, and i captured this craft on my image.

I was photographing electrical storms on sept 6 2017 at 10:42pm. my location was at cornerstone park in henderson, nv. i was facing south, looking onto the horizon of the city of boulder, nv. my camera has a slight elevation, and could see with the range of elevation from o degrees to about 65 degrees.

i never saw the object until i was editing my photographs. the object is a triangle shape and appears to have a head light. the craft is all lit up in ultra violet color. the craft blended well with the black clouds. i do wear glasses, but mainly for driving, so i didn’t spot it. i was not wearing them photographing these images.

i will show both original photo and than lighten photos. plus a close up photo and the next photo in line.

i shoot a lot of night work, so i know how airplanes leave a trace when the shutter is open for long periods of time. my settings were as follows. using a dslr sony a350, iso 100, manual focus, f8, 300mm lens, and a 25 second long time exposure and a sturdy tripod used. i used the same time exposure for most of my images. none others showed this image. this object left no trails of light as most airplanes would.

i really don’t understand even getting a image on film unless this object was hoovering, or darted in and out of the clouds. but even at that idea, it would have to hold its location for it to appear on my image sensor. the craft appears to have no forward motion. although a light appears to be shinning from its nose. of if the ultra violet light was on and off, that would explain, me not detecting it. or if the ultra violet light was only one for a brief second. i have no idea how long a ultra violet light would take to get on sensor in a camera. how fast does ultra violet light waves run compared to a lightening strike.

strong note, the las vegas airport is west of my location, about 3.5 miles. and yes there was traffic in the area. but all left a light travel trail trace on my other images. this ufo left none.

i feel like each time i am going out, and shooting jets, or orbs, or lightening storms, some how i capture some thing else. on may 15, 2017, i capture 10 images of of a solid bright light, having downward direction coming from out of cloud bank. while photographing jet aircraft. here is the link.


for general information, 75 percent of the aircraft landed,, and i was waiting for the rest to return. so i kept a good eye, heading south, on las vegas blvd, at gate 6 of las vegas motor speedway. when i noticed this object come out from behind the clouds. it was hard to pick up, in my view finder but i just shot 10 images in a row and got lucky. i have reported it on this site as well.

my last remarks, this may sound stupid. but if this is a ufo, are the aliens, watching me as i watch them? this is very rare to capture two events in less than 4 months. if that is a airplane,, great some one tell me what it is.. i am open.

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