Black Triangle Sighting in Mississippi on 2016-10-15 01:00:00 – Possible abduction, scary and taunting, as if they were watching us. multiple experiences, almost nightly.

It all started when a friend and myself were playing with flashlights and putting them in the air. we were shining it at random trees, in the sky, etc. we started noticing what looked like stars, but moving. almost pulsing. we ignored it. we again did the same ting the next night and this is when it got creepy. we noticed what looked like a triangular shaped drone but huge, coming from the church near this location. it was triangular shaped, dark, 3 white lights at each corner, and a light in the middle that turned red later on,, no wings and no sound. it hovered, then went in an odd sideways turn and was gone. then the next time we encountered this object, it was flying directly over the treetops. what looked like a plane from a distance but had no sound until it was directly above us when we heard a low hum. we didn’t even realize it was above us until we looked up because of the noise. we caught it on video which he may still have. once we shown our light over it, it flashes its ref light and was gone. seconds later an f16 fighter jet was following its path, directly above us but didn’t seem to find it since we saw it again later. that same night, around 4am- i got “stuck”, in a trance. i sat outside, freezing cold, and couldn’t move. i had an unlit cigarette in my hand for what felt like 5 minutes maybe, but when i went inside it had been 5 hours. i saw a figure/being, tan, almost vibrating, and seemed like it was fast. it blended with the trees at first but it was different. it moved and “ran” towards the woods but when i say ran, i mean it was almost like moving at a rate so fast it reminded me of a slow motion effect. i later told my friend about that and he had seen it once before too. also on those nights, we could hear something landing on our roof with a loud thump and would then hear “feet” shuffling outside. our dog would freak out and one of those nights literally ripped herself free of a wire cable that she forcefully pulled herself from. she was so strong and wild she broke it in half. we could also hear the next neighborhood overs animals doing the same barking/bowling thing as well. there was always an eerie feeling when this would happen and you could feel a change in the air. it felt very sinister and to this day, i can see it all in my head still.

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