UFO Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on 2017-09-04 00:00:00 – Rainbow flashing orb with indigo orbs flashing around the main one

I was at my old house (i just moved three days ago) setting up my cameras and tripod facing south in the sky. i was preparing for my fifth skywatch that evening of september 4th, 2017 at 12:34 am. since i was have been seeing this blinking orb (what looked like to my naked eyes) i got my best camera with a night time setting to capture the object.

i first noticed the object four nights ago. it has been moving and hovering around the same section in the sky for the past few nights and i finally got the chance to see what it was.

at first, i thought this object was a star, but it was moving too quickly and blinking/flashing rapidly. until i finally got a closer look.

all it was doing was stopping at times, then moving to the right. it was not a straight line either. it would occasionally, as it moved to the right, move a little upward or downward. it did this for two hours straight, i recorded it for 33 minutes with my cannon camera.

i felt no fear. if anything i was rather excited to see this. i was filled with shock and awe looking at it move across the screen of the camera. at times i could feel my body vibrating and burning from the inside. a warm feeling throughout the whole body. a bit of adrenaline, heart racing.

i even actually lost sight of the object when i started to grow paranoid being outside by myself with no other people. i did not know why, but after i felt this i packed my gear and headed inside to view the results. i write times and such in a record in my skywatch sessions. i will paste my written session below.

day five of skywatching. 
times set during skywatch – 12 am  through 1 am 
friday, september 4th, 2017
location – colorado springs my backyard

12:34 am
going out now. i’m bored and cannot sleep. i was outside earlier and spotted a big blue, moving orb above my house. might as well do a skywatch tonight.

12:39 am
just set up, spotted blinky in the same sections of the sky the previous night. i’m naming the orb blinky.

12:58 am
filmed blinky. it moved behind the tree though. it’s in the usual spot, circling the sky miles away from my house. maybe just one mile. the burning feeling is back. everything went silent. i can hear the street cleaners. or this wubbing noise. freaked me out for a second there. it’s pretty loud. feeling allot of adrenaline pumping through me. i feel dizzy, hearts racing for some odd reason. i’m not afraid though that’s the thing. i hear this machine hum in the sky above me.

someone said “film” and it was not me. i feel calm suddenly after that voice.

blinky moved from behind the tree.

1:14 am.
filming again, but i switched cameras. my video camera can pick up many flashing lights after i zoomed in in my video editor. all i do is crop it and i see the flashing lights. i cannot wait to see the picture/video results later.

3 minutes in of recording.

we have some visible to my human eyes blinking flashing again. hmm…

1:41 am
still stalking blinky. i got good footage of them. still moving. i’m going to head inside now.

1:49 am
i’m inside now. i feel pretty joyful tonite. let’s take a gander at the results. 

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