Black Triangle Sighting in Durham, North Carolina on 2017-09-06 03:29:00 – I was at back door at home having cigarette having spent last few hours setting up new phone i got earlier that day…The moon was very very bright that evening and early morning..Took 4 quick pics at moon to try camera wene i shot these

At 3:30am on wednesday 6th sept i went to back door for a cigarette and let my dog out before bed..I had spent the previous few hours setting up my new samsung s8 phone i recieved that day..The moon had been the brightest ide seen in a while that evening and still was at 3.30 am..While smoking cigarette at door i quickly took 4 photos of the moon just to check my camera settings were o.K and noticed this object wene i checked images of moon..I did not notice or hear anything while taking pictures.

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