UFO Sighting in Amqui, Quebec on 2017-09-09 22:00:00 – 2 orange balls moving and disapear than one ball moving and disapear

I was smoking outside , i look at the sky as usual . than i see 2 bright orange light and realize that they were moving slowly . they disapear . than they reapear ( less than 3 minuts after ) .. so i rushed inside to grab my camera to take pictures . i am accustomed to take pictures in the night , i never use the flash . i first try to capture the lights but while i was moving and nervous i was not happy of the result … than lights disapear again . so i went to the kid hut of my neighbourg, so i was upper and have a stable place to put my camera .. and wait ..
sudenly one light appear and act like the first apparition , so i took many pictures. it disapear again , i wait for a couple of minuts and leave.

i had no feeling of fear . to be honnest , i felt safer when i realized it was not comet or something dangerous for earth.

i felt like i was a good thing happening …

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