UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on 2017-09-08 20:40:00 – White glowing orb flys over sacramento international airport.

1.I was driving south on highway 70 going from marysville to sacramento california near the sacramento international airport.
2. a bright light caught my attention out the left window the speed of the thing really made me take notice. the orb was not very large at all it seemed to small to be something moving that fast.
3.I don’t know what it was. a bright orb crossing in front of me. with none of the lighting associated with aviation. it also slowed down in front of me still moving very fast perhaps 300 knot plus. this is not an airplane!
4. i would describe the u.F.O. as a white glowing orb with no other lights or visible features. the orb first drew my attention with a bright light to the left of me, i believe the object may have been descending at that point. the orb then leveled out perhaps 200 to 300 feet or less off of the ground crossing in front of my car and slowing down some still moving very fast around the airport. passing to the right at 300 to 500 feet or less in front of me i realized it was heading for the airport, as i watched it flew over the airport slowing down again it seemed over the runway i suspect. the orb then made a sharp right turn over the runway or hangars. the orb turned north sped up a bit traveled to the north after that i believe i saw another increase in speed after that i lost track of the object.
5.Wow! this is the third time in my life i have seen a u.F.O. and they have never been the same.
6. the orb proceed behind my car flying north in the area of the airports glide slope i eventually lost track of it. my contact with the orb from beginning to end may have been a few seconds over two minutes from beginning to end. there was a semi truck perhaps a 100 yards behind that could have witnessed it me don’t know if he saw it.

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