UFO Sighting in Kochani, Municipality of Kochani on 2017-06-04 22:10:00 – Appeared in the sky,and travelled like a plan,but much faster.

Me and a friend of mine,sat on a bench.There was no moonlight or light polution,so the sky was very clear.It also had no clouds.We sat there for 1 hour,and then my friend pointed out this ”plane” like object.But it wasn’t a plane,because it was moved much faster.And there was a plane near it,so i could see the flashing red and blue lights from the plane,but not the ufo.We observed its movement for 1 min and then it suddenly dissapeared.In the middle of the sky.I thought it could be behind a cloud,but there were no clouds,and its emiting light didnt fade into the clouds (if there were ) but it seemed as if they suddenly turned off.

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