UFO Sighting in Mission, British Columbia on 2017-09-04 22:00:00 – I was watching the huge moon in my telescope, and something definitely flew across my sight line.

Was watching the moon through our telescope on sept 4th 2017, approx 10 pm, the moon was huge, so almost my entire lens was filled with the light of the (close to?) full moon. i saw something fly across what my visual was through the telescope, and the moon i was focussing on behind. i actually exclaimed to my husband something that looked like a huge bird that wasn’t a bird flew across the moon. didn’t think much of it until we had that meteorite or satellite debris or whatever fall across our be sky. then someone in a group i am in on facebook shared a photo of something she saw fly across the moon sept 8th, and it looked like the thing i saw, but her photo was blurred than what i saw. someone told her to look up the black knight satellite, which out of curiosity i did, and it looks like what i saw. i even posted about it on my fb four days before this other lady saw it too. she lives somewhere else though. lol,i probably sound crazy, but whatever.

thanks for your time.

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