UFO Sighting in Redmond, Oregon on 2017-09-10 20:00:00 – Large fast moving green ball of light crossing sky, and twinkeling points of light to the south

1. i was at a friends house a few homes down, visiting. we both saw the incident.
2. very bright green light crossing the southern horizon at a fast speed.
3. meteor or ufo.
4. the green, perfectly round circle flew from the west to an ese direction before disappearing behind a treeline. we found it odd because it was still light out from the sun just going down. it made no noise, and stayed the exact same intensity of light and color, with no debris behind it. at first we thought it was a meteor, but it didnt really have the same characteristics because it was too large, no trail of debris, and it remainex the same brightness. we both thought it might have left a vapor trail, but it was very faint. afterwards, we looked south and saw 2 to 4 twinkeling lights… very small. the first stars were just becoming visible, but these appeared and reappeared for several minutes after the green orb passed. then they disappeared, and were no longer there. we noted it because they should have gotten brighter with the other stars coming out as it got darker.
6. it appeared from behind the roof of the house, travelled across the sky from about 45 degrees above the ground when first seen, to about 20 degrees as it disappeared to the se.

it may very well have just been a meteor, but we report it in case others thought they saw it and appeared more ufo like.

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