UFO Sighting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 2017-09-07 20:30:00 – Walking back to my truck and looked up and saw an orb that just didn’t belong in the sky. there were two that came from southwest and one after the other moved across the sky. they followed the same trajectory.. i recorded footage on my phone and left

I was delivering food to a house in south philadelphia. as i walked back to my truck i looked up and saw something orange in the sky. it looked so strange, never saw anything like it. after looking at it for about 30 seconds it sort of morphed into an orb and moved southwest to northeast.. it seemed slow at first but them moved at a steady pace in a straight line across the sky. they did not appear to be manmade lights, they resembled more a flame or flare. i ran to my truck to grab my phone so i could record it. i got some footage of the first one and just as it moved out of sight, a second one appeared also in the sw portion of the sky and headed ne also. i got pretty good footage especially of the second. still not sure what i saw, but i know what i didn’t see. and it wasn’t anything that is normally seen in the sky, including chinease lanterns. i posted videos on facebook and found that others have seen this object in my area. no one knows what it was. but they all described the same thing.. i was glad to know i wasn’t the only one who saw it. i’d like to know what this was! i can not stop looking at the sky.. when i got back to the resteraunt i saw helicopters looking around about 20 mins after event. i added both videos of orb and a video of helicopter.,, the video is a bit shakey and not the clearest but it’s the best i could do in an instant.

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