UFO Sighting in Hamburg, Hamburg on 2017-09-09 00:00:00 – Orb passed abeam rolling stones event event (100,000 audience), at low level

I am a trained aeronautical engineer, and pilot. i can a interest in ufos and am very familiar with information on youtube.

i was waiting for the rolling stones concert to start. i noticed this grey orb passing above and abeam the stadtpark . it was definitely not a balloon, bag, uav, drone – it was definitely a orb. i have never seen personally such a object (except on youtube)

its showed no interest in the event. it maintained height, but appeared to drift with the wind as if a balloon (but was not a balloon).

i pointed it out to my friend.

no one seemed interested – as it was simply a orb.

i maintained visual contact until it was too far to see.

theoretically 100,000 witnesses (because of rolling stones concert) – but it was boring and uninteresting to look at.

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