UFO Sighting in Marysville, California on 2017-09-11 19:25:00 – I was driving on highway 20 and noticed a rainbow which i was going to take a picture of at which point i noticed and orb following up the rainbow from the bottom and moving towards the bottom of the rainbow

I was driving on highway 20 in california near marysville heading back towards auburn california about 7:30 p.M. on september 11th 2017 it was cloudy and very misty and very humid it had just finished raining which i noticed half a rainbow coming out of a cloud i decided to take a picture of the rainbow and noticed at the bottom of the rainbow a white orb that was moving towards the rainbow and started to move closer up about from where i was it looked a few inches up but it could have been a few hundred feet i took three photos as my girlfriend was driving from the car and you could see that the orb changed two three different directions within the photos…. most of this area is a rural area with farms in mountain ranges

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