UFO Sighting in Midland, Ontario on 2017-09-09 16:45:00 – They looked like diamonds and changed colours and would fade and change colours

I was in midland on canada at my cabin when i herd a older plane fly over i thought it was the lancaster ww2 plane we have one in mount hope on. it flys over hamilton a lot so i looked up it was just a older propeler plane at first i thought they wee those chinese laterns they were way to high it was a clear afternoon it was 4;45pm they were above the plane at i would think 40 thousand feet they seemed to fly in a strait line their was 5 of them they would change colours and they seemed to be metelic sun seemed to bounce off them and they seemed to wink out and change colours 5 could be seen when started watching 2 minutes past and one after another they disappered we were both supprised laughed and said i think we just saw a ufo

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