UFO Sighting in Sedona, Arizona on 2017-08-25 20:32:00 – I ohotographed two objects near bradshaw ranch. one unknown and one orb.

During a visit camping near the bradshaw ranch, i was taking photographs in and around the bradshaw ranch area. i captured two photographs that were approximately 3-5 meters from the perimeter of the ranch.

photo 1 is spherical in nature and appears orb-like, displaying numerous variants of the color spectrum. i did not observe this object in plain view with my own eyes. only upon full screen review of my photography taken upon this evening was i able to view the said orb-like object. its actions and motions are unknown in nature. the size of the object appears to be that of a softball for perspective of comparative analysis. my feelings during the event were from retrospective thought were calm and peaceful. however, also from retrospective thought prior to the event, my feelings were trepid and tense. this shift in emotion in not explainable by rational thought.

photo 2 is anomalous in nature, was taken at the front gate of bradshaw ranch. it was one of the last photos that i took on the evening in question during my time performing night photography at the location. the object appears to have a trace of a trail, unknown in quality, gray in color. the main focal point of the object after the trail of gray/white appears to be the actual object itself, bright white and yellow in color. it is important to note that the object starts its movement behind the squared fence line and appears to move through it. the size of the object was approximately that of a softball for comparative analysis.

once again, note that neither of these anomalies were observable to the naked eye.

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