UFO Sighting in Culver City, California on 2017-09-12 20:40:00 – One again, we saw a star-like orb travel across the busy west la night sky. this time we saw two separate ones.

I know i reported a starlike uap just last week, but no joke, practically the same thing happened this week, only this time we saw two of them! i know this is crazy sounding, because this is now the second time in less than a week that me and my friends have spotted these things. it was an identical setting to the one that i reported last week: my friends and i were doing an evening workout session at tellefson park. just like last time, i noticed what looked like a star-like object, a blueish orb of light, travel in a straight line north/northeast across the sky pretty slowly and steadily. both my friends observed it as it floated over us. it seemed to move in a straight line, though it was subtly shaking or quivering ever so slightly. my friend agreed with this observation. though the luminosity seemed pretty stable, it did seem brighter as it was over us. the first one moved faster than the second one. we watched it move over us and disappear over the treeline. it took about 3-3:30 mins to pass from horizon to horizon. then about ten minutes later, we saw another one. this one seemed slightly dimmer and smaller, and moved from east to west along the opposite path that i had seen the one a week prior move. this one got very dim as it floated west. once again, it was a blueish white orb of light. it floated in a straight path above us. i want to note that it was higher than the clouds and airplanes that passed under it. my friend seemed very moved – emotionally – by the experienced and admitted that his stance on reality had somewhat been shaken. in the end, it is a real mystery to me, as i could not imagine that we would be able to see space junk or satellites in the middle of culver city at 8:30 on a moderately cloudy tuesday with plenty of air traffic. i supposed it could have been a secret plane of sorts, or maybe low orbit space junk, but why didnt it break up or change speed as it came into orbit, it just floated slowly across the sky. i also want to note that we saw it last weds at about 8:30pm, which is almost the same time as we saw this one (8:40pm). i also was with the same people doing the same thing as last time. and on a personal note, though this may not be related, my grandmother whom i loved very much passed away earlier that day. i am really at a loss as to what we are witnessing but i am determined to capture it now on film to share it. once again, all i can site is harley d. rutledge’s work in project identification and what is described in project condign as the best description of what i saw. i have also seen a lot of night vision youtube videos that look like the orbs i saw, as well as some specifically taken in culver city.

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