UFO Sighting in Round Lake, Illinois on 2017-09-10 04:00:00 – Drawn outside by flashing lights in window, only to experience bizzare event.

We were hanging out at my house, me and alan. we noticed flashing lights in my front window and were drawn outside. we saw a hovering sphere, a disc shaped object – almost, stationary but began to move. we stood in awe and i felt the need to try and communicate with it. as i stared at it i felt a trance like state. i began to try to notify neighbors, knocking on windows, ringing doorbells, it was about 4am but everything seemed off to us, almost fabricated. no one had even moved inside the houses. we felt as if we were boxed in some alternate reality from the outside world. we then noticed my neighbors mailbox was gaping wide open, it had previously been undisturbed.Again i felt i need to communicate with the object so i concentrated. what happened then was a bizarre encounter i cannot make any sense of. we went inside and alan says i was not me. he had noticed glitches in my mannerisms and appearance and he began to ask me questions. he had seen something, some kind of beam scan my face. apparently i told him that our presence cannot be known, otherwise all religion would be toppled and society would crumble. i told him i was not jesus but one of five bloodlines left. i remember very small pieces of the convo. at one point all our electronics had shut off except for the lights. our cellphones ceased to work, the tv began buzzing. alan asked me to turn it back on and it came right back on. they were communicating through me. alan, is still visibly shaken by the incident. he is talking about suicide and how meaningless life is. that morning he rushed home afterwards and told me that there were inconsistencies all around him as he drove home his neighbors car door was left wide open, objects not where they were supposed to be. he told me he felt that they were trying to recreate his reality, but couldn’t perfectly piece it back together. the past two night we have both suffered from intense, non stop night terrors. we feel something is watching. we have decided to record the time of our night terrors and see if they are synchronized. today we also saw a meteor enter the atmosphere, quickly moved through the sky. then we saw 4 lights high in the sky in a huge triangle formation, we feel as if those craft had destroyed whatever it was.

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