UFO Sighting in Lakin, Kansas on 2017-09-14 00:00:00 – Witnessed orange glowing “eraser”. it got brighter, almost yellow then disappeared. immediately after disappearing, i saw lightning in the distance.

I was sitting outside with my partner and nephew talking. something made me look up into the sky and i saw this glowing round thing. it looked like an eraser from a pencil in size. it was reddish orange and stationary. i knew it wasn’t a meteor, airplane, helicopter or star. i said, “wow, look at that.” the “eraser” got brighter, almost yellow and then went out. right after it went out there a flash like distant heat lightning. i never heard any sounds or felt any physical sensations. about 3 minutes after the heat lightning, my partner saw what she thought might be a satellite crossing the sky at about 75 degrees moving very quickly. i did not see the “satellite” as it was moving to fast for me to catch sight of.

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