UFO Sighting in Patchogue, New York on 2017-09-15 00:00:00 – Noticed orange elongated flashing shape over the tree tops in my backyard. i decided to zoom in and was able to catch a video at least of the movement. camera was steady.

I was sitting in back yard when i noticed a flashing, orangish, elongated light over the trees in the neighbors yard. right away i knew it was not an airplane, none of the tell tale lights. know it wasn’t a helicopter no noise after one passed over. object was still there. decided to use my phone to try and zoom in and then began to record what was the best i could get on my phone camera. this all started around 1230-1240 am on september 15, 2017. it is now 1:00 am and the object is still hovering and moving around, although the lights have faded some. the object appears to be moving in all different ways and directions. up and down, diagonal, side to side, un defined motions. the lights flash. to the eye they appear to be orange and it appears the object has a tail. however when looking through the camera it appears as a whitish-yellowish ball. i got excited as soon as i saw it because i knew in my heart and stomach what i was witnessing. it is now 1:05 am and the object is hardly visible but still moving about in the same vicinity. now at 1:08 the object has completely faded out, however i never saw it take off in any direction, it just disappeared.

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