UFO Sighting in Boonsboro, Maryland on 2017-09-13 20:35:00 – Large, slow, low, “gliding”, silent, black “mass” observed

I had just dropped off my son’s girlfriend and was leaving her house. i got to the stop sign and was looking left, no cars, looked right, no cars, i looked back to the left and noticed a dark object floating at my 11:00 position. i sat at the stop sign a minute, kind of dazed and wondering what the heck was i looking at. the object was dark and i could only make out the outline of it’s shape when i saw the red lights on either side (left and right) blink. it looked like a football field size and was really low to the ground. i also noticed a white light blinking on the top and bottom of what i was seeing. i was thinking that whatever it was would surely crash so i turned onto the route and continued to watch it. i turned off the radio in the car and rolled down the windows, i couldn’t hear any engines. nothing. i was on a “country” road so there were not other cars at the time to interfere sound or sight wise. i pulled over and watched it slowly float towards the south-west and i still could not hear any noise coming from it. i had to get home so i started to drive again but i kept looking over at it (it was to my left side). i was totally mesmerized. i could not figure out what i was looking at. i thought maybe a glider? but at night and so incredibly large?? i thought it was bigger than a small plane (like a 6 passenger craft) but i thought it was smaller than the size of a 747. i was completely captivated by this object and i continued to look over at the craft as i was driving. i was so “drawn” to look at it. i cannot explain how strange i felt looking at it but i didn’t want to look away. i did not even think to try and record a video or take a picture with my cell phone but i am not sure anything would show up except the blinking red lights or white lights. i thought this might be a military aircraft of some sort? i got home and immediately told my teenage boys and they said “cool, probably a plane”. no i don’t think a plane would be silent when that low to the ground. i saw my mom the next day and told her that i have no idea what it might be and she suggested a blimp possibly. i think that might be what it was but it was just so much larger than any blimp i have ever seen. i tried google for images of blimps but none look like what i observed. anyway, i have seen satellite’s glide across their arc above my backyard, i love to stargaze; i get a text message anytime the international space station is going to be visible to my area so i can go wave hello; i love meteor showers and i am fascinated by space. i truly believe that we are not alone in the vast expanse that is out there…I cannot say if i saw an alien craft. i definitely saw something awesome that i cannot identify. i really thought long and hard about should i reach out to report this…I guess i don’t really want anyone to get back to me with “oh that is a new weather balloon”. i guess i like the idea that i witnessed something amazing and unexplained. thank you for your time.

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