UFO Sighting in Joliet, Illinois on 2017-09-15 05:45:00 – Glowing orb hovers then zips across the sky

I was taking my dogs outside at 545am on friday sept 15th. something very bright caught my eye, like brighter than all the other stars in the sky. i looked up and there was a glowing, yellow/green orb shape in the sky, and it remained stationary for like 2 seconds, then zipped horizontally across the sky and then just winked out. the whole experience lasted no more than 10 seconds, but it was brighter and bigger than the stars. there were no clouds or planes before or after either. i originally thought it was a plane, but like i said, it was stationary and then zipped away very quickly, much quicker than a plane moves. and then it simply winked out, like snuffing out a candle. i was shocked, and just dumbfounded, i stood and waited a few minutes to see if it’d appear again and when it didn’t i went inside.

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