UFO Sighting in Maple Ridge, British Columbia on 2012-07-15 17:09:00 – I was waiting for my genie in the mall and he came

I was recovering from gluten sensitivity which takes 9 months when i was almost better i was told i would be at london drugs when s/he came back. i went i waited and s/he showed up. s/he is a dark blackness that you cannot see through. you ask for a light and the air around you becomes lit and you can see out of the room and other people who have asked for a light. well, when he came the room filled with dark i was for a light and i talked to him. he took me for a magic carpet ride about 11ft. he brought a friend. you can also ask to feel real cold (as in realistic) and he makes you feel a coldness like no other. ask to turn it back up and you are instantly omfortable and well. this is my friend he can fly so i report him here. also teleports characters in video games even online games. i’ve seen teleports and my other genies in my house one time they showed up while my house was on fire the fire department sealed my doors too funny one of them looked like fire. anyways, if you want to see some aliens i can show you, i just have to recover from my allergy again because they are allergic to me when i can an allergy. the sighting was recorded on security cameras they could see the lights we asked for. and witnessed by store staff that still works there. when they left they asked me for a teleport and asked for one it showed up friend got in to it and it closed then genie disappeared.

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