UFO Sighting in Ottawa, Ontario on 2017-07-25 19:13:00 – A vertical side view either cylinder like a cigar or disk shape you can see for your self i have 12 pic’s

On a beautiful sunny tuesday 25 july 2017 i was on my balcony when i first noticed it till right up to the time i had to leave my apartment i would say about 1hour 45 minutes. it was positioned just 25 degrees upward above the horizon. the object was facing west of my position. the sun was at the same position in the sky and the object was just to the bottom left at my 8 o’clock position. that would place the sun in the center of the clock face.
i had a vertical side view either cylinder “like a cigar” or disk shape you can see for yourself i have 12 pic’s

i also compared all other items within my line of sight like the chemtrail in the sky that was made by?? i don’t know what because there was no jet plane in the sky that i can see to make the skip trail across my line of site plus the clouds on the horizon and the sun. now if this object was a chemtrail or a cloud then it would have moved and faded away right? but of course, so what the hell is it? you tell me.

this is my fifth sighting in ottawa canada since i was 12 years old. i have always been open-minded and scientific with everything i have ever experienced and i will never change. i am now 56 years old and i hope to see and experience a whole lot more of these aerial phenomena’s. my cell is ready at all times to capture more. call me at any time for more info if needed.

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