UFO Sighting in Stamford, Connecticut on 2017-09-15 04:30:00 – In car recording myself as this glowing thing of light flashes past my head. tried to find out what it was but couldnt.

So its 4:30 at night and im listening to some of my favorite songs in my moms car in the driveway of my house, i was taking hits of a nicotine pen and recording myself for snapchat. during my 3rd video, as im recording myself i see an odd light flash behind me and it was very bright and i was very confused. i get out of the car to check around the street to see if a car drove by, or if anyone was around with a flashlight or anything, because thats what i thought it couldve been, but it seemed as though someone or something didnt want me to see it. mind you its 4:30, so i go inside and replay the video to just make sure if i was just hallucinating or something. the object literally appeared in the middle of my back left window, shining and looking like it was either hovering across the car or descending to the ground, but after it left sight of my window and camera it disappeared, youd have to see for yourself. im just curious to see what it actually is, i searched around the car after it happened and i saw nothing. i just have one question and that would be to please inform me about any research that gets done. i’d honestly love to be a part of the process so if that isn’t possible i would like to get informed theough everything please. i hope you guys find out or know what this little creature is. cheers

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