Black Triangle Sighting in Baltimore, Maryland on 2017-09-17 01:01:00 – A white beam of light came down from the sky shined on me and my friend then sucked back up in the sky and was gone

Me and my friend we’re sitting on my couch on my front porch at 1 a.M. watching a movie on my phone. a beam of light came down from the sky above the treetops shined on us and delight sex back up into the sky and disappeared. we both saw what we think was a shadow fly off or move slightly in the direction to the to the north. we noticed the the light shine on us because it was bright enough to attract our attention. we have no idea what the light was or where it came from we did not really see an object in the sky at all just the shadow after the light disappeared. we were both startled and immediately felt confused and looked up into the sky trying to figure out where the light had come from. we immediately walked off the porch and looked up into the sky scanning trying to find where the light source had come from and not finding anything we both felt like we had just been for lack of a better word scanned buy a triangular flat laseresque light. we didn’t really ever lose site of the objects because there was no real object but the light came shine on us and left within a matter of 10 to 15 seconds.

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