UFO Sighting in Hudson Falls, New York on 2017-09-17 00:00:00 – I saw what i thought to be a redish colored star above another bright star, very briefly, it flashed and seemed to disappear

I was outside with some neighbors close by my house, we were talking, it was sometime around 11:30 pm sept 16th or 12 midnight sept 17th 2017. i was looking up at the stars as i am prone to do, i was looking at 2 particular “stars”, one is what i assume would be the north star, as it appears brighter and bigger than the rest, the other was a reddish orange, what i thought to be a star. quickly the reddish star seemed to blink then disappeared. maybe it was a star that exhausted it’s helium and burned out, i don’t know. i felt a sense of calm and wonderment, as i described what i just saw to my neighbors. i am quite used to seeing unidentifiable things in the sky, i always feel a calm wonderment…And maybe some excitement knowing there must be something else out there. i have had at least 3 other sightings, all of them oddly different.

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