Black Triangle Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2015-07-31 00:00:00 – From deck, i observed a large triangle craft move across the clear night sky from east to my west. then south

Was standing looking south out on my rear deck and i happened to look into the night sky, as i usually do to observe the stars and look for satellites, or burning space deprie/meteors. when i just happened to observe; very very faintly, the outline of a very large “v” (triangular) shaped object gliding across the southern part of the skyline in calgary. it appeared to be cloaked and hidden with “no lights”. was dark in colour and was barely visible. but due to the glow of the cities street lights, it lit up the underbelly by silhouetting their shape out in the sky above. if i had to take my eyes off the object, i believe that i would not be able to find it again in the sky. it was that well camouflaged. i was very excited and said jokingly to myself “”i can see you bastards”” i called out to my wife to come out to show her, but she laughed it off like she had better things to be doing. typical… this craft made no sound at all and glided across the sky in a matter of maybe two minutes. at an altitude of approx 10’000 feet or higher. it came from the very east, across the southern part of the sky to the west. the craft then headed from a bearing of 270 deg. to a bearing of approx 220 deg. ssw until it was out of sight. i know this is an old sighting but i feel it may still have merit or meaning to some, and that this object was flying over a major city at in alberta, canada. at night with absolutely no lights and silent. across the entire night sky …. sadly i would not have been able to record this as it was far too dark and the object faint. i would need special equipment to have been able to capture this. and again was not expecting this and was not really prepared. all i could was observe…

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