UFO Sighting in Riverside, California on 1997-01-01 01:00:00 – While driving on freeway, a red fireball appeared in sky, descending and flying at high speed towards my car

I was driving home late night on a highway, in an area that is desert-like.
there was no one else on the road at the time.
i saw a big red fireball up in sky, exactly front center in view.
it moved very fast, so initially i thought it was a strange meteor.
it grew exponentially larger and larger as it sped towards me directly.
the air around it pulsated, as if it was radiating waves and maybe even altering air that surrounded it like a pulsating bubble.
it got low enough to look as if it was flying above the road.
by this time it looked large because it was closer.
then it suddenly disappeared.

this all happened so quickly.
i was mesmerized and didn’t really have time to think.
oddly i wasn’t scared if it was a rocket, which crossed my mind.
its entire path was very precise as if it was headed straight towards
me in a direct head on collision.
it was as if the intelligence of the object knew
that any wavering from its path could have distracted me
from driving safely.

when the object descended quickly and moved towards me directly above the road, i knew this wasn’t a meteor.
it was a deliberate path, exactly center in my field of vision,
unswerving and quick.

i felt joy at seeing this phenomena.
i didn’t really think of it as a ufo.
because it felt the same as
having the good chance to witness a whale surface
and make eye contact with you.
it was a living entity sharing space,
communicating and profoundly connecting, albeit briefly,
in a beautiful amazing way.

of course it brightened the rest of my commute home.
and of course i didn’t tell anyone.
who would believe me?

i’m not sure how to describe how i lost sight of the object.
i guess it just suddenly disappeared at the right time.
i never felt like it would collide head on with me.
it disappeared at a safe distance in front of my speeding car.
far enough away for me to know i won’t collide with it.
close enough for me to see that its path was intentional,
like a dog running towards me to greet me.
close enough to witness the fireball grow massive in size,
and to see more detail of the transparent “waves” or air ripples that surrounded it.

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