UFO Sighting in Chico, California on 2017-09-01 22:21:00 – Ufo shaped like a boomerang zapped a large meteor in the sky that was headed towards earth

I was using my flir one infa red attachment to my i phone 5 camera to observe the sky, as i have seen an unknown large planet in the sky. i saw some birds and stars or meteors . the birds were noticeably birds flying in the view o my camera. the video is about 4:24 minutes long. during the last 19 seconds a bright object comes from the bottom left in the view of my camera heading south east but directly above me in the night sky. it continues to cross the mid line, and then backs up, stops, then backs up again and zaps a meteor. i presume to knock it out of its orbit. then it continues on its path. this was a ufo or military vechile traveling in near earth orbit zapping an incoming meteor.

this video was taken on ‎friday, ‎september ‎1, ‎2017, ‏‎10:21:33 pm, looking straight up in the sky, about 70 degrees from the horizon looking north east, in my back yard in chico, california.

digtal video is attached. the video itself is 4 minutes and 24 seconds long, but the event happens during the last 19 seconds of the video. the object moves from the bottom left up towards the top right of the video, stops, then moves back down towards a bright meteor object. then continues on towards the top right…

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