UFO Sighting in California on 2017-09-15 12:10:00 – Didn’t notice at the time – until seeing photos later

Something urged me to go to pescadero this past fri., 9/15/2017 approx. 12 p.M.
while sitting at the road work stop on hwy. 1 heading south, something told me to take pictures. so i did. at first glimpse i saw something whiteish and round in the water not too far offshore – maybe 50 feet. was high tide.
so, i took pictures (for thoughts of something way different than this.)

traffic started to go so i gave it no thought until i looked t the pictures 3 days later. i was able to tske 3 pictures from the front of my car window, 2 from the side windo and 2 from the backseat side window, (all from the drivers seat.
i had washed my car earlier that day, and by this time it was completely dry.)

didn’t look at the pictures until monday night,9/18/2107 approx.8:30 p.M.

i felt nothing odd, (as i have been used to seeing ufo’s on many occasions in my life. no feelings of bad or harm, just an un-canny feeling of being observed while s a desolate beach. no-one else was around.
they are okay, they mean no harm is the general feeling i get when sightings occur. (except for 1 in the past.)

hope the picts. are good enough. were taken on my cell phone.
proof is in the pictures. have more pictures than what is attached.

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