UFO Sighting in Curlew, Washington on 1975-02-15 00:00:00 – 3 dull starlike small orbs came across the night sky from over the horizon to joint together over canada. joined together for approx 15 minutes, seperated and reversed back over the direction from which they had come.

During the winter of 1975, i was in a place called curlew. a jobs corps center in ferry county, of washington state. approximately 7 miles from the canadian border. or, 160 miles north of spokane, washington. while 2 friends of mine and myself were setting back against a snow bank having a conversation, i noticed a movement in the east. the same slow dull color of off-white to white as any other stars. but this was moving. as i mentioned this my friends were looking and one noticed another star-like orb coming from the west. and finally, we see one coming from the north. no sound. they just look like all the other stars. had we not been sitting outside and watching, they would not have been noticeable. eventually, they came together to canada. forming one slightly larger star-like orbs. after approximately 15 minutes they separated and retraced the directions from whence they had come. no noise, trails, bright lights. just 3 small star-like, dull white glowing orbs that looked like any distant star. other than the fact that they just performed an act that was to my mind… impossible. by considering the distances they traveled and the location of the rendezvous, i would guess that they were close to the edge of our atmosphere. the point of the rendezvous would have had them several hundred miles over canada. the other two guys were pretty level headed and agreed that we had witnessed something our current technologies were not capable of doing. as obvious and open as this event was, the population in that part of washington state is very low. but something told me then, and i still believe, this was not an isolated incident. what better place to move about the sky without fear of being spotted? of course, we see the ufo objects moving all over population areas now. getting us ready for the big announcement that they are real? i doubt the world will hatter over the obvious. i hope this is of some help. should you wish to contact me, i’ll be able to give you any details that i may have not already given. peace to you and yours, k. kipp

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