UFO Sighting in Goodyear, Arizona on 2017-06-05 00:00:00 – I exit from the i10 on cotten lane south b. i saw to orbs of light obove the hills on strella ranch

I was coming from the gym going w on the i10 fri way because the fri way is above the street level i have a view of. 180 deg and i notice that there wore 2 lights they look like small planes or elicopters from that car like because around there is a city of goodyear airport when i exit the fri way on cotten lane going south i can still see the 2 big orbs of light i can see them i front of me when i torn to make. a left on lower buck eye road it’s a lonely area around my hause there’s farms and it was close to midnight and i slow down lower my windows of my car and i got a got filing that something was not right cas the lights wore not moving . and in the sidewalk was waking a black girl it was some dark i can still see her whe i pas by her i conected that the girl was one of them i keep driving i took my phone out ready to take a video keep going on the same street and i stop on the side of the road i wast dark there is no lights there and ass soon i was ready to record the orbs they torn off an d i torn my car off no sound of airplane of nothing and then one torn on and i started recording i stop recording cas the black girl was going to pass were i was and i turn my car and i went bat to my hause the have a flash light when i past her she talk to me and she said what are u looking at and i got. a wird filiing i look at her face did not said nothing just went home sorry about my spelling

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