UFO Sighting in Paradise, Nevada on 2017-09-15 17:25:00 – Observed a light directly above me, was red in color, would change to silver, looked like a star

I was playing in a lacrosse tournament on the unlv campus in las vegas. our first game ended at about 1650, and next game was at 1800. i was resting between games, laying on my back. almost directly above me i saw a red light, next to a small cloud. i thought it might be an airplane. i noticed it was not moving and could not be a plane. it was still completely bright outside. it looked like a red star to me. the object would dim, appear to be almost silver, then turn bright red again. i pointed it out to another player who was next to me. he confirmed he could see it too and said he thought it was the star beattleguise (spelling?) no other stars were visible as it was bright outside. the object was visible for about five minutes and stayed in one place the whole time. it finally dimmed and i couldn’t reaquire it.

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