Black Triangle Sighting in San Diego, California on 2017-09-15 21:30:00 – Observed thru telescope while trained on planet saturn then polaris, the pole star

While observing saturn thru my 6 in refractor at my house a triangular object passed traveling at low speed due east as viewed thru the telescope. i was unable to locate theo bject after looking directly for it with naked eye. turned the scope in the opposite direction and located polaris and then saw a 2nd identical onject in the scope also traveling due east, removed my eye from the lens and was unable to see it with naked eye. this occurred in the span of 3 minutes.

at first i thought the object was an aircraft as i live proximal to class b airspace, but itwas traveling in the wrong direction. then i thought that it could be a model airplane but its physical structure was inconsistent with any aircraft i have ever seen.

it’s significant that the images were identical in shape and form, apparent altitude, speed and both were traveling due east. the first was located south of me an the second was due north.

i could observe them in the scope’s field of view but could not see either of them after lifting my gaze from the scope.

i am convinced they were not birds or remotely controlled drones and they resembled no aircraft i have ever seen. there w as no illumination on either object except for ambient and reflected light. this occurred several hours after sundown.

i had no particular emotion other than curiosity. after my viewing session i began to think about the origin and nature of the two objects and spent time tryin to explain to myself and several others what i had seen. still not satisfied with my conclusions.

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