UFO Sighting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on 2017-09-20 20:43:00 – I did not observe it – noticed them in my photos later.

I was walking around at point park around 8:40 p.M. i snapped a few photos of the fountain, stadiums, etc. it was dark, so i had to manually “focus” the camera, otherwise the photos appeared “fuzzy.” later, i was looking at the photos and noticed in one picture that there were three objects in the sky. at first glance, they resemble military aircraft. however, you’ll see when you zoom-in that they bear no resemblance to normal aircraft. in a second photo taken one minute before the photo described above, you can see one of the objects (and you can faintly see another). in that photo, the object looks like it has little lights or circles on the bottom. it reminds me of a footprint.

normally, i would write off this type of thing. what’s bugging me is that we neither saw nor heard these things flying above us. i feel like i would have noticed them – i was staring up at the sky. if they hadn’t appeared in my photos, we would have never noticed them. also, i don’t think they would have shown up in my photos if i hadn’t focused the camera.

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