UFO Sighting in New Baltimore, Michigan on 2017-09-20 22:20:00 – Huge silent bright orange orbs the size of about two airliners at a altitude of around 4 to 5 thousand ft, traveling high speeds coming from the south mpvong north one roght after tbe other for abot ten mins

I stepped outside real quick to have a cigarette and noticed two bright objects coming up over the tree line about halfway through the cigarette. so i pulled out my phone and snapped a picture and didn’t realize it wasn’t on videos will switched it to the video and started recording. i recorded a series of bright big oranges orbs flying silently from the south to the north at about 5,000 feet in the air maybe less. and they were moving probably 3 times faster then any aircraft i’ve ever seen. they were coming one right after the other still moving from the south to the north until they were out of sight after about 10 minutes. but there was had to at least be over 20 that that flew by

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