UFO Sighting in Princeton/Trenton NJ, New Jersey on 2017-09-20 21:00:00 – Hundreds of flying objects – monroe, nj

I went for a walk around 9pm when i saw an object in the distant night’s sky getting closer. it was large with blinking red and white lights. as i continued my walk, i noticed more approaching from behind me. they were of various shapes and sizes, and their lights were all different colors. no two looked identical, except for the larger ones which looked similar in size and shape. they were flying at different speeds and different distances from me. before i knew it, within a matter of a half hour, hundreds were in the night sky. some were orb-like, others looked like twinkling stars in the distance, and only a few other were grey/black larger kite-shaped vehicles with blinking lights – some white, some white, red and green, others red and white, as well as green and white. i noticed only one of hundreds emitting a cloud trail. upon turning around and returning home, i noticed their flying pattern seemed to be in a cyclical rotation spanning for miles above. some were flying and hovering in clusters while others were independent. some ascended and descended while others moved at such a slow speed, they didn’t seem to be flying at all. i was unable to capture any film with my phone. once i returned home, i caught some with my laptop; however, the pictures do the experience no justice. within an hour, airplanes also appeared. there were at least four planes over the approximate scene right above my head. there were hundreds of strange aircrafts!!!

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